Sunday, October 19, 2008

Save Punjabi

How many of Metro Cities Sikhs speak punjabi. The count is very small. What we are trying to do is change our maa boli, can we change our mother tongue if we can’t change our mother? Doesn’t our mother tongue deserve the respect of a mother?

Ajj sikh bare hi taur naal kehnde ne ke Assi Punjabi hunde haa.

It appears to be hollow statement. In Delhi, 90% parents don’t speak Punjabi with their children and are always in a dual mode-speaking Punjabi with their spouse/parents/elders but always speaking Hindi with their children.

Present generation understands Punjabi but finds it difficult to speak- they understand Punjabi ONLY because they have listened it in their homes since childhood.

Ki jadon ih generation grow karegi, ki koi magic type cheez, enha nu punjabi bolan di jaach sikhayegi.

No... Not. Possible..

Aj to 10 saal baad jadon do sikh gurudwara sahab che milange te Sat Sri Akal bulaunge te osto baad ohi hindi.... Kithe jaugi punjabiyat... Kuch andaaja hai aapa nu.

Gal kuriyan di kariye te oh hindi bolne che apna status high samajhdiyan ne. They tend to speak more of Hindi/English rathar than punjabi.

What gonna happen then if we do not take necessary steps to save our mother tongue it would be very difficult bring back punjabi in main stream. Why are we people waiting for the disease to get worse before taking the right step for it.

What we need to do is gather the people who want to learn and start to generate classes in our local communities within our homes, gurdwaras, We mustn't forget and we mustn't give in , our itihaas and boli need us to renew them ...

One more thing its a fact that punjabi is the only community that is killing its own language. So what are you waiting for. Wake up punjabiyo give me feedback and i will see what steps you taking to save our Ma-Boli.

Sat Sri Akal.

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